DOH is a specialized elevator manufacturer who implements strict standards of quality
control on every detail and stage of production thus allowing us to achieve high levels of safety, efficiency and durability in our finished products. Our "YEONG DAR" passenger elevators, freight elevators, hospital elevators, hydraulic elevators and emergency escape
devices are universally excepted and installed in office buildings, apartments, residences, hotels department stores, hospitals and factories and feature comfort, smooth steady ride and low energy consumption. Our products recieve world wide praise and our customers appreciate our persistent dedication to product development and implemtation of the latest technologies
available. Our . R&D efforts have allowed us to achieve many remarkable break throughs Our elevators are not only characterized as being eye-catching, sleek, safe and energy-saving, but are also reputed for their emergency escape device design which serves to provide additional safeguard to passenger lives.

Our digital-controlled intelligent elevator features eye-catching, smooth operation, high security, 49% greater energy-saving and near-zero error, as it adopts the high-efficiency
Superdine ACVVVF high frequency power transistor. Please wiret us today for more details.

Company Information / Trade Conditions

Product Features : Speedy / Steady / Smooth / Comfortable / Easy operation
Emergency cscape device : Can be controlled by persons inside elevator to move to a
desirable safe floor and have the door opened manually if
encounter malfunction.
Nature of Business :
  • Passenger Elevator
  • Freight Elevator
  • Hospital Elevator
  • Hydraulic Elevator
  • Emergency Escape Device for Elevator
  • Main Products : Office building / Apartment / Residence / Hotel /
    Department stores / Hospital / Factory
    Address : No. 50, Alley 97, Lane 354, San Her Rd., Feng Yuan,
    Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    Telephone : 886 - 4 - 25316556, 25339393, 25322533
    Fax : 886 - 4 - 25315726
    Contact Person : Chiu Nan Wang
    Title : Present
    Email :