Is the elevator you take daily safe enough?
The Clinton couple got caught in an elevator at Hong Kong
Convention and Exhibition Center for 10 minutes long,
which aroused a moment of fear!
During the visitation to Hong Kong, the security for the
couple was rigorous, of which the service agents were
equipped state-of-the-art telecom from the States. It’s said
to be more than that for Chinese President Jiang Zemin.
However, Clinton was trapped in the elevator after the
speech to a group of business leaders at Wanchai Convention
Center. When they took the elevator, it suddenly broke down
and trapped Clinton, his wife Hillary, chief of staff Erskine
Bowles and some secret service agents. After 10 minutes wait,
the firemen pried open the doors to rescue them. It’s reported
that a lightning bolt in a thunderstorm triggered a power surge
that knocked out a computer at the building.

The red circle shows simple switch of the elevator ceiling. The red circle shows the safe floor level.
*"EEE-S Emergency Escape Device" For Elevator utilizes manual operation, when an elevator reaches the safe floor level, it will open the doors for safe escape.
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